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For Shopify Store Owners Looking to Boost Repeat Purchase Rates, Increase Purchase Frequency, and Maximize CLTV! ūüďą

Swipe the Secrets of 7, 8, and 9-Figure D2C Stores with Our 35+ Email Flows

Unlock the power of email marketing with 35+ proven email flows designed to engage, convert, and retain shoppers at every stage of their journey.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your strategy, this essential resource is crafted specifically for D2C eCommerce stores.


35+ email marketing flows that you need to add to your retention strategy.


Detailed outlines of each email flow, including the sequence and timing of emails.


Best practices on when and how to implement each flow to get the best results for your store.

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35+ High-Converting Email Flows

We understand that crafting high-converting email flows can be challenging. That's why we've distilled the essence of a successful email marketing flows strategy into a straightforward swipe file.

You'll have the strategic insights without needing to spend countless hours developing and testing content.


Select high-impact email flows from the swipe file.

Focus on flows that align with your business goals and customer behaviors.


Understand the optimal moments to trigger each flow for maximum relevance.

Use data and customer insights to determine the best times to send emails.


Integrate the chosen flows into your existing email marketing strategy.

Ensure seamless execution with proper automation and segmentation.


Continuously test email flows to gather performance data and insights.

Refine and adjust your strategies based on results to improve outcomes.


Ready to Transform Your Email Marketing?

This swipe file is perfect for Shopify store owners looking to boost repeat purchase rates, increase purchase frequency, and maximize CLTV.

You'll be able to encourage customers to come back and shop again, drive more frequent sales with targeted email flows, and build long-term relationships that increase the value of each customer.

Bogdan Mihalache - founder of Email Kong.

Hi I'm BogdanūüĎč

Founder & CEO, Email Kong

Email Kong is a full-service eCommerce retention marketing agency based in London run by a team of proven experts.

Over the last four years, we helped 100+ D2C eCommerce brands map out and optimize their customer journey across Email Marketing, SMS, Direct Mail & Push Notifications.

In a rapidly evolving digital world, connecting with your customers demands unforgettable experiences.

You need to move beyond generic solutions & leverage your comprehensive retention tech stack to engage customers exactly where they are.

And the reality is... email marketing has never been more complicated for D2C brands.

What started as a simple way to connect with your customers has turned into a sophisticated retention machine with complex automated flows, intricate customer journeys, zero-party data, spam regulations, and ever-changing privacy rules.

Honestly, even I need help sometimes to keep up with all the best practices.

That's why I’ve been working tirelessly to put together a comprehensive swipe file of 35+ email flows designed specifically for D2C eCommerce stores.

This essential resource outlines what each flow is, how to trigger it, what it accomplishes, and when to use it.

We’ve developed and refined these flows for our clients to help them become more customer-centric and understand what truly drives growth in their business.

If you're serious about boosting your retention strategy in 2024, this swipe file framework is a must-have resource.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get ahead of the competition and elevate your business.

P.S. Not sure how long we’ll give this away for free, so take advantage while you still can and download the swipe file today.

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