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Email Kong is trusted by some of the world's fastest growing eCommerce brands

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Client Headshot: Amy
I was introduced to Bogdan and Email Kong through a peer and thank goodness! Their creativity has been invaluable to our business. As a busy CEO I appreciate the way they keep me accountable to getting them the content they need to create our emails.
- Amy Farella, Founder of The Hidden Garden

The good old days of running some ads on Facebook and seeing the cash pour into your ecom brand are over.

Supply chains are still being disrupted
(meaning soaring shipping prices)...

Apple’s IOS 14 update is skyrocketing acquisition costs…
‚ÄćThe truth is that playing the ecom game in 2023 without an industry-leading retention strategy that creates meaningful relationship with your customers simply doesn't work anymore...
But don't lose hope just yet...

In 2023, we're in a landscape where 'email gurus' show off Klaviyo screenshots and promise to skyrocket your revenue by "$50K in 30 days" or whatever ridiculous figure they're throwing on their website.

But here's a reality check: Metrics can be manipulated.

Any agency or freelancer can increase email frequency, add some basic flows, and throw out discounts like confetti to show you that 35% of your revenue comes from email.

But what does that mean for your actual growth? And more importantly, your profitability?

The truth is very few agencies or email experts take the time to get into the details.

‚ÄĘ Do they ask about your product margins?
‚ÄĘ Do they ask about your our CAC payback period?
‚ÄĘ Do they understand your acquisition funnel well enough to align your retention strategy with actual profit, not just revenue?
‚ÄĘ Are they studying the customer's journey thoroughly to fine-tune your email funnel and collect the right data from new customers?


At Email Kong, we‚Äôre not about following the herd and ‚Äėseeing what sticks‚Äô.
Our main goal is to help your store become more profitable by creating a retention strategy that not only aligns with your aquisition efforts but turns your customers into raving fans that buy from you again and again.

And we do this with more than just email & SMS.
Here's how we do it ūüĎá

We’re MORE than just sending emails & texts.

We leverage the best eCommerce tools to supercharge your retention.
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Leverage the power of the best email service provider available in the market, and increase your email revenue profitably.
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Our email & SMS strategy is backed by the most accurate customer behavior data with month-to-month LTV projections.
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We'll help you collect genuine text & video reviews from your customers. Fully integrated into your email & SMS strategy.
Partner Logo: Recart
We will turn your SMS into a top revenue source in just a few months with Recart.
Partner Logo: Recharge
We'll help you turn one-time buyers into loyal repeat customers generating a steady monthly recurring revenue for your store.
Partner Logo: PageFly
We'll create custom landing pages that optimize your customers' experience and enhance their engagement.
Partner Logo: PushOwl
We'll engage existing customers, recover abandoned carts, and drive repeat purchases with a powerful push notification strategy.
Partner Logo: Mention Me
We'll boost your referrals & customer loyalty with the most advanced referral software on the market.
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We'll increase your sales by 10-15% with pre-purchase & post-purchase upsells.



We'll be your dedicated in-house retention department, working tirelessly to bring growth to your store in the areas that you need.
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+124% click rates
+6% AOV
+98% Email revenue
+228% Deliverability

Retention strategies
tailored for your needs.

+ Turn Email & SMS into powerhouse tools
+ Create more intimate customer relationships
+ Achieve an industry-leading retention system
+ Never hire pricey solo freelancers again
+ No more headaches about emails again
+ Slice down your acquisition costs
+ See up to a 600% ROI in just 90 days
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Email Flow Setup

8 Weeks Fixed Term
  • Customer Journey & Sales Funnel Mapping + LTV Analysis
  • Pre-Purchase Flows (Email +¬†SMS)
  • Post-Purchase Flows (Email +¬†SMS)
  • Dedicated copywriter and graphic designer
  • Advanced Opt-in or Form Popups
  • 1-on-1 support for 8 weeks
Ready to get things moving?

Email & SMS Campaign Management

Ongoing Monthly Service
  • Seal a long-term partnership with the best in the business
  • Monthly Email & SMS Campaigns Content Strategy
  • Deliverability Monitoring
  • Customer Profile Properties Collection
  • Monthly Retention¬†Reports
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If you’re serious about tapping into a retention strategy that has the power to catapult your profits in less than 90 days… we want to chat.
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Bogdan Mihalache - founder of Email Kong.

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