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Client Headshot: Amy
I was introduced to Bogdan and Email Kong through a peer and thank goodness! Their creativity has been invaluable to our business. As a busy CEO I appreciate the way they keep me accountable to getting them the content they need to create our emails.
- Amy Farella, Founder of The Hidden Garden

We are a full-service eCommerce EMAIL marketing agency run by a team of experts.

We help high-growth D2C eCommerce brands map out and optimize their customer journey across Email Marketing, SMS, Direct Mail & Push Notifications.
We're proud to be at the forefront of eCommerce retention marketing.

As a Klaviyo Gold Master Partner, alongside partnerships with Recharge, Yotpo, Wonderment, and Sendlane, we belong to an elite class of agencies.

Our seasoned team is committed to driving your business to new heights.
Is your retention tech stack optimized to delight customers at every touchpoint?

In a rapidly evolving digital world dominated by AI, connecting with your customers demands unforgettable experiences.

Your brands needs to move beyond generic solutions & craft personalized messages, leveraging your comprehensive retention tech stack, to engage customers exactly where they are.
Our main goal is to help your store become more profitable by creating a retention strategy that not only aligns with your acquisition efforts but turns your customers into raving fans that buy from you again and again.

And we do this with more than just email & SMS.

We Already Work With The Tech Stack You Love

Email Kong works with the industry's leading eCommerce apps.
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Leverage the power of the best email service provider available in the market, and increase your email revenue profitably.
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Our email & SMS strategy is backed by the most accurate customer behavior data with month-to-month LTV projections.
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We'll help you collect genuine text & video reviews from your customers. Fully integrated into your email & SMS strategy.
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We will create your entire retention strategy on one platform built on connected solutions, designed to win customers for life
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We'll help you turn one-time buyers into loyal repeat customers generating a steady monthly recurring revenue for your store.
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We'll create custom landing pages that optimize your customers' experience and enhance their engagement.
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We'll engage existing customers, recover abandoned carts, and drive repeat purchases with a powerful SMS strategy.
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We'll boost your referrals & customer loyalty with the most advanced referral software on the market.
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We'll increase your sales by 10-15% with pre-purchase & post-purchase upsells.

When you break free from standard out-of-the box solutions, you'll unlock a world of possibilities.

Retention strategies
tailored for your needs.

+ Maximize profits for every customer acquired
+ Create more intimate customer relationships
+ Increase purchase frequency & loyalty
+ Amplify CLTV & repeat purchase rates
+ Maximize referrals and UCG
+ Increase your MRR
+ Deliver stunning order tracking experiences
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Email Flow Setup

8 Weeks Fixed Term
  • CLTV Analysis & Funnel Optimization
  • Advanced Email & SMS¬†Flows
  • Transactional Email Strategy
  • Subscription Email Strategy
  • Opt-In Management & List Growth
  • 1-on-1 Slack Support for 8 weeks
Starts at $6,500

Email & SMS Campaign Management

Ongoing Monthly Service
  • Monthly Email & SMS Campaigns Content Strategy
  • List Cleaning, Deliverability Testing & Dark Mode Testing
  • Strategic Optimization Flows
  • Customer Profile Properties Collection
  • Monthly Retention¬†Reports
  • 24/7 Slack¬†Support
Starts at $3,500
If you’re serious about tapping into a retention strategy that has the power to catapult your profits in less than 90 days… we want to chat.
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Bogdan Mihalache - founder of Email Kong.

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Asked Questions

This is where we answer all your questions.

What services does Email Kong offer?

Email Kong offers services in Email Marketing, SMS, Direct Mail, and Push Notifications, catering to a wide range of communication needs.

What partnerships does Email Kong have?

Email Kong has partnerships with Klaviyo, Recharge, Yotpo, Wonderment, and Sendlane, providing a wide range of integrated services and solutions.

What is the goal of Email Kong?

The goal of Email Kong is to help stores increase profitability by developing a retention strategy that complements acquisition efforts and encourages repeat purchases.

What email service provider does Email Kong work with?

Email Kong works with Klaviyo, which is considered the best email service provider in the market.

What other services does Email Kong offer besides email and SMS?

In addition to email and SMS, Email Kong offers services such as collecting genuine reviews, creating custom landing pages, boosting referrals and customer loyalty, and increasing sales with upsells. These services can help enhance your marketing and customer engagement efforts.